Don’t Call Me Madam

B & K Publishers is proud to announce the publication of its first historical novel titled “Don’t Call Me Madam” written by Ben Echeverria.

Mr. Echeverria, an attorney and counselor, grew up in a small Nevada town in the 40s and 50s.  Still present were cultural aspects grounded in the gold rush days of the old west, including bareback–wild mustang–rides from the mountain above town down the main street and west to the rodeo grounds.

Another hold over from these early days were the brothels located behind a board fence a few blocks off the main street.  There were five houses licensed as bars and run by women called madams. Men were not permitted to manage the bars or the rooms down the halls from the bars where the girls sold themselves to men for cash.

“Don’t Call Me Madam” is a fictional account of one of the girls, called Pearl. Her character is based upon a young lady who worked for a brief time at one of the houses.  Pearl’s story conveys the hardship and trauma suffered by many of the women who worked in the houses.  It is a story of the psychological injury suffered by these women before they could free themselves of this gold-rush form of slavery.  It is a story of rehabilitation of mind, body and character.

Follow Pearl and experience what it was like to be a lady of the evening working behind the board fence. Enjoy her relationship with a handsome cowboy whom she later marries, after a life-changing event, liberating her from the life. Savor her rehabilitation and cherish her response to an abusive, male-dominated society.

The second printing (corrections made from the advance copy) of this book is available on and directly from the publisher, B & K Publishers of Colorado Springs, CO. Order you copy directly from B & K Publishers today using the SHOP HERE page of this website (see pull-down menu on the left)



Top Customer

on February 19, 2017
“First time author calls upon his extensive legal experience to write a very descriptive account of what it must be like to be a “lady of the evening.” Steamy sex scenes set the scene for the pain and mental anguish these ladies experience. Author knows his stuff and has done his research on the not so visible effects of being paid for sex. I never considered the long term consequences this oldest of professions has on these women. Well written and the ending is very satisfying.”
A Feel Good Book
By Stephanie Ewing on June 15, 2017
“This was a feel good book that I could not put down. It shows the innocence of youth and the realities of life. It has compassion and depth. But, it has a strong and brilliant ending. I recommend it. Good reading; it’s historically and educational.”


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