B. & K. Publishers

B. & K. Publishers

 Effective December 31, 2020, the business partnership known as B & K Freelance Writers and Publishers was dissolved. Business affairs will continue to be conducted under the trade name of B. & K. Publishers. The web site address will remain the same for continuity of marketing and sales and Ben’s email address is now ben.bkpublishing@gmail.com

This business partnership had been in force since 2013. Its partners were the husband and wife team of Ben Echeverria and Susan Kay McElhinney. 

One of Ben’s passions is writing, so he will continue writing and publishing under the trade name, “B. & K. Publishers.” Kay’s interests have moved toward the internet and networking with people from many parts of the world who rescue animals and preserve species that are in danger of becoming extinct.

Ben extends a warm welcome to all visitors to this website.  He hopes you enjoy the books and that you will let him know how he might improve your life as a reader through his writing, i.e. is there a topic you would like him to research and write about?  If so, please send him an email at ben.bkpublishing@gmail.com 

The following books published by B. & K. Purblishers are now available from Amazon.com-books.

Law Practice in Modern Educational Administration by Ben Echeverria

The Rhymes & Rhythms of a Life by Ben Echeverria.

The Asbestos Wives a novel by Susan Kay McElhinney.

The Customer, a novel, by Ben Echeverria, is in the final stages of formatting and will be published in `November 2021.  For more about the book see the information in the left hand index on this website – THE CUSTOMER.

TAKE CARE OF ONE ANOTHER, and if you haven’t got your COVID shots, please get them ASAP.

Ben Echeverria

Copyright © 2021, Ben Echeverria, dba B. & K. Publishers, whose rights are reserved. The material on this site cannot be copied, reproduced, republished in any form and/or redistributed, unless prior written permission has been obtained from the Publisher.

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