Corona, Aye-Curumba!


By Ben Echeverria

March 17, 2020


How about this corona?

Where did it start?

How did it get here?

It may have come from China

On a cargo ship,

Like a hot-flat rock

On the water it skipped.

It skipped into our lives

And it’s ended some,

For the rest of us

It hasn’t been fun.

We older folks are forced

To stay in our homes

And do our business

By phone.

Wash our hands

Every time we can

And prepare our meals

In a very hot pan.

Keep our distance

From the other guy,

And keep our hands

Away from our eyes.

Shop on line

Or maybe by phone,

Avoid big crowds

Be “Home Alone.”

The government was slow

About taking the lead,

They’d just as soon

Not watch us bleed.

They’re not even sure,

How to cure the thing,

Or even how to

Prevent its sting.

It’s a world-wide pandemic

That’s what they say,

So, shelter in place,

Stay home and pray.



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