Yet Another War!



Ben Echeverria

March 24, 2020


We are engaged in yet another war. But this time the enemy is not visible to the naked eye. He can be observed only when captured on a slide, under the studied eye looking through a microscope. In this medium he appears to be a type of flower with a large central area of apparently soft matter surrounded by tiny-red- colored rosettes. Scientists call him the “corona virus” (“CV”).

CV strikes without warning attacking all people regardless of age but taking his largest number of fatal casualties of the old and elderly, i.e. those sixty years of age and older, killed by the virus (“KBV”).

Local and state governments have instituted various defenses to CV including total isolation from others, closing of all non-essential businesses, banning travel to and from its jurisdiction, and some non-aggressive testing for CV but only if a potential casualty exhibits specific combat wounds. Observable wounds must exist including a body temperature in the 102 to 104-degree range, a persistent cough, and perhaps more important, tightness of the chest and lungs that can’t get sufficient oxygen to function normally.

Unless the foregoing wounds are present simultaneously and have rendered the combatant seriously wounded and unable to function as a “normal” person, battlefield testing is not authorized. The absence of test data results in hundreds of thousands of our citizens continuing to be exposed to aggressors armed with CV weaponry.

The chain of command from the top is broken. Our top civilian and military leaders put forth a stream of dialogue followed by a failure to take action. This failure has rendered the country’s medical facilities and personnel unable to cope with the battlefield casualties that somehow find their way through the trenches of society to the intensive care rooms of our hospitals and clinics.

The top civilian leaders of our country are more focused on an injured stock market and an impaired business environment than on the battlefield wounding and deaths of our citizens. Our citizens are asked to “shelter in place” in their residences and try to live on take-out food and supplies ordered from otherwise viable business. The inhabitants of our cities and towns must forego doctor and dentist visits for preventive healthcare leaving them vulnerable to a wide variety of illnesses, and too often, to untimely death.

Our youth are barred from their schools and colleges and confined to their homes with cell phones, tablets and computers, if they can afford them. Many of our older youth scoff at the hidden danger of CV and continue to populate our beaches and recreational facilities in large numbers where many become casualties of CV.

In many of our cities, the home-bound take to their balconies and windows singing songs of entertainment in an attempt to ward of the psychological fallout from the war waged on them by CV.

Who will win this war? For certain, it won’t be the casualties of CV. It seems certain that the winner will be CV himself.





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