Don’t Call Me Madam

A novel

by Ben Echeverria

Published by B & K Publishers


Still present in small Nevada towns and counties are cultural aspects grounded in the gold rush days of the old west. One such hold-over from these early days in one northern Nevada town are the brothels located behind a board fence a few blocks off the main street. Originally, there were five houses licensed as bars and run by women called madams. Men were not permitted to manage the bars or the rooms down the halls from the bars where the girls sold themselves to men for cash.

“Don’t Call Me Madam” is a fictional account of one of the girls, called Pearl. Her character is based upon a young lady who worked for a brief time at one of the houses.  Pearl’s story conveys the hardship and trauma suffered by many of the women who worked in the houses.  It is a story of the psychological injury suffered by these women before they could free themselves of this gold rush form of slavery.  It is a story of rehabilitation of mind, body and character.

Follow Pearl and experience what it was like to be a lady of the evening working behind the board fence. Enjoy her relationship with a handsome cowboy whom she later marries, after a life-changing event, liberating her from the life. Savor her rehabilitation and cherish her response to an abusive, male-dominated society.

ASIN 0998602000