Fathom Publishing Company is owned by Constance Taylor, a retired Alaska commercial fisherman, book publisher, and amateur photographer. Fathom is located in Anchorage Alaska and its mailing address is:
Fathom Publishing Company
P.O. Box200448
Anchorage, Alaska 99520-0448

Our readers are encouraged to go to Fathom’s website at https://www.fathompublishing.com
and survey its published book inventory for books that may be of interest to you.

For example, if you are a parent or grandparent, you should consider purchasing Constance’s new children’s book, “Growing up in Alaska, A Baby Artic Tern” (2018, Fathom Publishing Company).Photos and videos of the Arctic Terns can be viewed at https://www.arctictern.fathompublishing.com This delightful photo book, written by Constance Taylor, is dedicated to

“The Chuglak/Eagle River senior Center Writing Group and
the Artic Tern family who shared their 2017 summer activities
with a gaggle of photographers.”