This is a novel written by Ben Echeverria

The expected publication date is September 1, 2021.


A homeless man walks into the Happy Cow Saloon, a local drinking establishment. He appears to be high on drugs and alcohol. He is wearing combat boots without the laces and a torn shirt, exposing his pot belly.  He is holding a fist full of money and says that he wants to buy shoes, a shirt and other items of clothing.

The heads lined up at the bar staring at beers and empty shot glasses, turn in unison and stare at the poor fellow.  The barkeep cuts the silence with, “I can sell you a shot of whiskey or a cold brew but if it’s clothes you really want, you’ll need to go down two doors to the thrift store.” He points to his left.

The man turns around slowly and retreats through the swinging doors going down to the thrift store sign and enters the store.

An old man (the author here) who volunteers at the store, waits on him. The old man wonders what in his customer life has put him into this condition?  The old man’s curiosity generates this story of his customer’s life including his service as a combat veteran in the U.S. Army. At the end of the book, the two men meet again in a surprising conclusion.


BRIG.GEN.US ARMY (deceased 12-22-21)

(see Morgan’s Bio under recent Posts)

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